Q: How does my medical practice or organization link our website to www.sciencebasedhealth.com?
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Adding a link to www.sciencebasedhealth.com from your website is simple, requiring no participation from SBH. Simply speak with your web developer, website administrator, or webmaster to get started. Ask them to create a hyperlink to www.sciencebasedhealth.com (or provide the full address, called a "URL", for a sub-page, such as the HydroEye page) and specify where in your website you would like it to appear.

Here are a few frequently used URLs from our site:
  • SBH homepage:
  • HydroEye product page:
  • MacularProtect Complete AREDS2 Product Page:
  • MacularProtect AREDS2 Product Page:
  • OcularProtect Product Page:

There are many ways to display links to your site's users. The following text examples all contain links to www.sciencebasedhealth.com:

In addition, any image can also be linked. For instance, clicking on the following image: ( Example image link ), opens www.sciencebasedhealth.com because the chain image been linked (and setup in this case to open in a separate window). An image of the HydroEye bottle could link to the HydroEye page. The options are limitless. Once again, just ask the person in charge of your website.

Use of images & Resources from ScienceBasedHealth.com:
When used to directly promote or educate about ScienceBased Health or its products, any image, pdf file, or text from the ScienceBased Health website (such as bottle photos, logo, promotional images, product brochure pdf files) may be used on the website of a medical practice, licensed health practitioner, optical shop or health organization. By using images or resources from www.sciencebasedhealth.com, the user agrees to comply with the terms of use*. To copy an image from www.sciencebasedhealth.com, simply right-click (Mac users: Command / Command symbol + click) and select "copy", then open a folder on your computer and choose "paste" to paste the image onto your computer - then give this image to your web developer.

*Terms of Use for content from this website by certain medical or health websites, for promoting or educating patients about ScienceBased Health and/or its products:
All the content included on this website, including all the text, graphics, photographs, graphs, sounds, files, data, web code, images, audio and video clips, animations, and other resources ("Content") is the property of ScienceBased Health or its content suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Any use of Content from this website by persons or entiries other than a medical practice, licensed health practitioner, optical shop or health organization, or that does not directly promote ScienceBased Health or its products, is strictly prohibited except with the express consent of ScienceBased Health. Promotion of ScienceBased Health products for uses not explicitly mentioned on this website or in ScienceBased Health product materials, is strictly prohibited. ScienceBased Health is not responsible for how the company or its products are represented on websites other than this website. ScienceBased Health reserves the right to withdraw permission for use of copyrighted material from this website from any user, at any time, and for any reason. Permission for usage may be withdrawn by ScienceBased Health, specifically: if the user's website misrepresents ScienceBased Health or its product information; if the user's website violates current United States regulations relating to marketing, sale or use of nutritional supplements; if the user or their website or organization makes unapproved health claims about SBH products; if the user, their website, or their organization engages in misleading, unethical, or fraudulent practices; or other reasons. Upon withdrawal of permission for Content use, the user is must immediately remove all copyrighted materials from the website in question. Any other use, including but not limited to, the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance of the Content for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.